CAN‘T YOU SEE? this Friday, 24th, at Kazachenko’s apartment KRISTIAN SKYLSTAD "Only poetry isn't shit." Ulises Lima

The stealth-plane alludes to speed, and to disappearance, but there is more going on: The simple digital effect that Kristian Skylstad has used mimics the way an increased exposure time on a camera makes the observed object fall out of focus. The plane’s movement from left to right has been retained in the image, but at a cost. The result is information loss, abstraction. The distinct figure of the plane gradually change into a generic, horizontal shape. The metaphor here aligns perfectly with our cognition: At any given moment sensory experience is unfathomably rich, coming in dense waves of environmental information that breaks over your senses, saturating your world. As the wave retreats, pushed back by a second one (and then a third, etc.), equally dense, practically nothing of this wealth is retained within memory. At best you can only recall a fraction of what you saw, heard, smelled, touched and tasted. Memory trades detail for direction, mitigating a need for coherence.

See you there:
Bernt ankers gt 6, 0183 Oslo, Norway

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