Cut the cra#p, back to basics

Opening: Thursday 16th January 2014

16.1.14 – 13.2.14

‘Cut the Cra#p, Back to Basics’ is an exhibition by Scottish artist Darren Nisbet, where he has returned to the medium of drawing. Nisbet’s practice ranges from painting to sculpture, however Nisbet finds drawing a useful tool in order to ‘shed himself of the garbage that clutters his mind’.

The impact of the onslaught of visual information is the point of reference for Nisbet in this body of work. He has used the versatility of drawing to examine the effects of the overload of material we are all bombarded with from today’s media. So Nisbet really is trying to get “back to basics” by stripping down to the basis, and by sieving out the “crap” which cannot be helped but to clutter his thought process. He strives to produce a collection of works that reveal his ironic and satirical undertones and reflects his character in an attempt to get back to a raw state of identity.

Nisbet, born 1988 in Scotland, completed Bachelors with honours in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. On completion he received the Barns-Graham Travel to Italy Award and currently is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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