Get excited about day two of the festival! We will be screening four films this evening: BIG MEN (17.30, EVERYDAY REBELLION (19.50), ANA ANA (20.30), NO LAND, NO FOOD, NO LIFE (20.30).

BIG MEN – 17.30, followed by a Q&A with Director Rachel Boynton after the film, moderated by Maren Sæbø (Verdensmagasinet X). Introduction by Stein Tønnesen (Peace Research Institute Oslo). Presented in collaboration with Fellesrådet for Afrika – Norwegian Council for Africa

Can Ghana escape the resource curse? With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, this film follows as the first commercial oil field is developed in Ghana. Whose interests are being taken into consideration? Will foreign investors run off with all of the profit, or can oil development help the country as a whole? As point of comparison, we look at the Nigerian situation, where it’s become evident that the riches oil extraction has brought with it aren’t doing the people any good.

En imponerende film som følger et amerikanske oljeselskaps vei inn i Ghana i håp om et oljeeventyr. Vi er med helt på innsiden i denne prosessen. Det overskyggende spørsmålet er: kan Ghana overvinne ressursforbannelsen eller vil de ende opp som nabolandet Nigeria?

EVERYDAY REBELLION – 19.50, followed by a Q&A with Directors The Riahi Brothers, Inna Shevchenko (FEMEN) and Syrian activist Ahmed Zaino after the film

Actions matter. Stop hoping. Make it happen! We usually feel small when faced with the undemocratic practices that are pushing our societies in a direction that neglects the fact that we’re all humans. But there are people all around the world who aren’t just sitting back and taking it. Indignados in Spain, Occupy Wall Street in New York, FEMEN in Ukraine, The Yes Men, Otpor! in Serbia and non-violent protest movements in Syria and Iran show us what’s worth fighting for and how to get results without bloodshed.

Over hele verden finnes det protestbevegelser som med fredelige midler forsøker å gjøre verden til et bedre sted. Hva har de alle til felles og hvordan kan vi bedre vise solidaritet med hverandre?

ANA ANA – 20.30, with an introduction by Nora Sveeaas (HHRI) Q&A with Directors Petr Lom and Corinne van Egeraat after the film. Presented in collaboration with Stiftelsen Fritt Ord

Ana Ana is a cinematic poem about four young Egyptian women, set in an Egypt where dreams of the revolution have begun to unravel, and women’s rights are tremendously vulnerable. Most of the material is filmed by the characters themselves, who worked with the film’s directors over the course of two years. They find ways to express their dreams and desires in an extraordinarily open and intimate way, using metaphors and cinematic storytelling to transform their everyday struggles into the sublime. Their voices tell a story about universal desire
for creativity and freedom.

Ana Ana er en poetisk film om fire unge egyptiske kvinner som forteller om sine liv og håp etter at revolusjonens første begeistring har gått over til bekymring for framtiden.


Q&A with Director Amy Miller, moderated by
Kristin Kjæret (FIAN). Presented in collaboration with FIAN Norge

This film offers a critical view on land grabbing: Large agricultural corporations, with the support of international investors and local governments, seize land from originally self-sustained farmers. This film takes us to Mali, Uganda and Cambodia, outlining the consequences of land grabbing for people, ecosystems, and the future of the world.

Filmen setter et kritisk blikk på landran, hvor store landsbruksselskaper, med støtte fra internasjonale investorer og lokale myndigheter, tilraner seg landeiendom fra småbønder. Med eksempler fra Mali, Uganda og Kambodsja beskrives konsekvensene av landrran for mennesker, økosystemer og verdens fremtid.

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