This day we will be screening Doctors of the Dark Side (16.30), State Builders (17.15), #chicagoGirl (18.00), Terms and Conditions May Apply (20.15), and Banned Expressions (20.00). Read more about each film below.

Doctors of the Dark Side – 16.30

Panel debate with Jon Peder Egenæs (Amnesty), Birgit Lie, Tor Levin Hofgaard, Sverre Varvin and Hector Aristizábal (ImaginAction). Moderated by Nora Sveeaas (HHRI)

Presented in collaboration with Health and Human
Rights Info

This film brings up how US Army and CIA medical personell are intricately involved in the implementation of torture on detainees held in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prisons. Instead of stopping it altogether, they give recommendations on how far torture can go. Yet all of these doctors have sworn the Hippocratic oath. What are doctors’ responsibilities, and how is it possible that the medical profession is used in this way?

The film is followed by a panel debate about health personell and their involvement in torture. Hector Aristizabal will perform “Nightwind,” a play related to the themes of the film at Parkteatret later this evening.

Denne filmen tar opp helsepersonells rolle i tortur. Leger i den amerikanske hæren og i CIA er dypt involvert i tortur mot fanger i den såkalte krigen mot terror.

State Builders – 17.15

Introduction by Audun Herning from Norwegian People’s Aid

After 50 years of civil war, South Sudan has finally become its own state, but none of the institutions of a functioning democracy are in place. In a land that’s been torn apart by extreme violence, famine, and displacement, how do you start thinking about things like creating a treasury, a taxation system, or a national archive? How do you stop a new state from failing before it gets started, and is the one-size-fits-all model the UN has for building a state even relevant for South Sudan?

Etter 50 år med borgerkrig er Sør-Sudan endelig blitt en egen stat, men ingen av de institusjoner som kjennetegner et velfungerende demokrati er på plass. Hvordan bygge en stat fra bunnen av? Og er FNs «one-size-fits-all»-modell for statsbygging i det hele tatt relevant for Sør-Sudan?

#chicagoGIrl – The Social Network Takes On a Dictator 18.00

Introduction by Mona Abdel-Fadil (Fafo)

A 19-year old girl in Chicago is deeply involved in the protest movement in Syria, keeping constant contact with her Syrian friends through Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. She helps organize demonstrations, and sends camera equipment so her friends can document what’s going on and share it with the world. Slowly, the optimism of what was hailed as a social media revolution gives way to a violent reality no one was ready for.

En 19-årig jente i Chicago hjelper til med å organisere demonstrasjoner i Syria. Optimismen er stor i begynnelsen og man tror at sosiale medier kan overvinne diktaturet, men en brutalitet som ingen var forberedt på tar raskt over.

Terms and Conditions May Apply – 20.15

Introduction by Erling Borgen and representative from ARTICLE 19 (UK)

Do we consent to total surveillance? Corporations are following our every move online, we’re not in control of our cyber presence and nothing we do is exempt from being used for commercial purposes. Now we know our governments are in on it too. Can we continue to call our societies functioning democracies when our governments are watching our every move?

Vil vi akseptere total overvåking? Etter Snowdens avsløringer har vi lært at ikke bare store selskaper, men også våre egne regjeringer bedriver nærmest total overvåking på nett. Kan vi fremdeles hevde at vi lever i demokratiske samfunn?

Banned Expressions – 20.00 – World Premiere!

Presentation by Dechen Pemba
Performance by Loten Namling
Presented by Voice of Tibet

Short film: Modern Enlightenment (14 min) by Joe Baur before main feature.

An event with premiere screening of the film “Banned Expressions in Tibet” (40 mins). The event also contains a presentation by Dechen Pemba and stage performance by Loten Namling. Tibet is closed to the outside world. Basic human rights, like freedom of speech and expression, are brutally supressed. Still Tibetans defy China’s repressive policies and fight for their country, culture and identity. Tibetan
writers and artists fearlessly continue to challenge China’s policies. They are being censored, arrested, tortured and imprisoned.

“Banned Expressions” er en film om mangelen på kulturell ytringsfrihet i Tibet. Forfilm: Modern Enlightenment. Presentasjon av Dechen Pemba og musikalsk framføring av Loten Namling.

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