By:Larm er todelt med en festival og en konferansedel. Festivalen skjer på kveldstid og er åpent for publikum. Her legges det hovedsakelig vekt på presentere artister som er i angrepsposisjon, enten her hjemme eller i utlandet.

18.00 Taragana Pyjarama
20.00 Deathcrush (NO)
21.00 John Martin (SE)
22-00 Könsförrädare (SE)
23.00 Lower (DK)
00.00 Team Me (NO)

Det selges festivalpass for en eller flere dager som gir adgang til alle klubbene forutsatt at det er plass i lokalet. Enkeltbilletter selges kun i døra og bare dersom det er ledig kapasitet. Festivalarmbånd har med andre ord prioritet foran enkeltbillett, og det er ingen garanti for at det i det hele tatt legges ut enkeltbilletter.

Mer info:

Taragana Pyjarama

On the 24th June 2013, Taragana Pyjarama released “Nothing Hype” – a brand new mini-album to follow up his 2012 debut LP “Tipped Bowls”.

Describing the feeling of this next step as “very different to when I did the LP last year”, Taragana Pyjarama (aka Nick Eriksen) is clearly not someone who’s content with standing still.

Having released his first tracks in 2010 (under his previous ‘Eim Ick’ moniker), Copenhagen-based Eriksen has been steadily gaining impressive momentum – and adulation – as both a producer and remixer ever since. Having already remixed singles for the likes of Delorean, Polock and Delphic, he was invited to join John Talabot’s much-admired Hivern Discs stable and had his first breakthrough EP under his current alias in 2011 for Fluo Kid’s excellent Fools House imprint. That was then quickly followed with an approach from Cologne-based music institution Kompakt to release his full debut artist album, which came out to much critical acclaim almost exactly a year ago:

“The “Tipped Bowls” album was very experimental to me. I had the opportunity to try things out and I saw it more as a challenge where I didn’t want to think too much about the process. It was a learning process for me. It was also the start for my appreciation with creating sounds for pictures and films, which led me to understand my own music better and what I wanted make.”

It’s perhaps both natural and understandable that your debut album is a learning curve, but to be able to experiment and discover on your first LP with such panache has arguably set him apart as one of the producers to watch this year. This collection of new music – “Nothing Hype” – marks the first of his output for 2013:

“This record first started in a summerhouse that a friend of mine was visiting with some other friends. I joined in. Most of his friends are making music too, so we started recording things and it eventually ended up with a new idea for a record. I started collecting pictures and clips and started working with these images in the back of my mind. Every time I felt like I lost the spark of a track, which I find can happen all the time, I’d just look at the pictures and I was back on track. It’s something I’ve been doing with all the tracks on this release. The overall theme has been grainy and distorted pictures of caves, particularly mysterious crystal caves. It’s magic in a way.”

Mysterious and Magical – two words that couldn’t be more apt to describe the sound of Taragana Pyjarama.……


In the words of The Quietus, Deathcrush “could certainly teach the pensioners a thing or two: ‘Lesson #13’ (…) oozes the kind of seductive, filthy, primitive sex appeal that makes one feel as ashamed as a man should at a peep show”

Deathcrush goes straight for the top shelf of pop cultural references, recklessly combining their Norse pillage and rape heritage with what the widely acclaimed John Robb describes as a “stunning and effective dissemination of the New York sassy cool trash aesthetic into a new century and with their own vital slant”. This pick ‘n’ mix attitude has made them just as natural an opening act for Battles as Melt-Banana, Vivian Girls and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Surfing the word of mouth wave, no tracks released — Deathcrush have visited ten countries and played more shows in native Norway than the tiny country usually allows for — to great acclaim from publications and websites like Le Monde (FR), The Stool Pigeon (UK), MTV (EU), NME (UK), Drowned in Sound (UK), Eno (NO), ClashMusic (UK), Mojo4music (UK), The Quietus (UK), Album Rock (FR), Hit Music Magazine (CHN), Metal Hammer (NO), Dagsavisen (NO), Dagbladet (NO), VG (NO) and NRK Lydverket (NO).

Now, after managing to shake their severe saying-yes syndrome (you don’t turn down Roskilde. Or Iceland Airwaves. Or Way Out West. Or a personal invitation from Trentemøller. Or when Sleigh Bells open up their nightliner door to Europe. Or trashy apartment gigs. Or SXSW. Oh wait, that last one they did. Twice. For practical reasons), Deathcrush have finally gotten their “pelvic noise sludge” on tape.

After recording with Billy Anderson (Swans, Melvins, Mr. Bungle) and Jørgen Træen (Datarock, Annie, Sondre Lerche) more songs for their much anticipated series of singles are now in the mixing hands of the band’s own Linn Nystadnes. Flick through their flexi disc double poster magazine and have a listen to “Skool’s In” 12″ also featuring a James Njie remix (Mau5trap, UK/NO).

“Sweat, battery acid energy and gritty guitars – The trio delivers energy as if all members just ate AA batteries and turn the whole crowd electric. Deathcrush is without a doubt a band you will hear more from in the future.” – MTV (EU)

“Norwegian trio Deathcrush are the day’s greatest thrill (…)” – NME (UK)

“Deathcrush are one of the coolest bands I’ve ever seen… they have created riot music for the 21st century. (…) Watch out South By South West. You are Tokyo. Deathcrush are Godzilla.” – John Doran, The Quietus

“Isn’t this the music David Cameron is attempting to ban, lest it whoop disaffected youth up too greatly? Wow.” – Everett True, Collapse Board (AUS)…

John Martin

Following on from his global success and since signing a deal with Universal/Island Records, John Martin has been working feverishly in the studio on his debut solo single “Anywhere For You”, which will be released on April 7.

Although this is John’s first solo release he is already a household voice. He wrote and featured on “Don’t You Worry Child” which entered the UK chart at Number 1 and has sold over nearly 1 million copies in the UK alone and charting Top 10 in over 30 countries. John has also co-written “Save the World” (Swedish House Mafia), “Children of the Sun” (Tinie Tempah) and “Reload” (Sebastian Ingrosso). “Anywhere For You” is an emotional gem, it’s upbeat with a big melody that announces John as a songwriter and singer to be reckoned with. “Anywhere For You” is produced by Michel Zitron, John’s writing partner on previous hits.

The son of a bona fide stuntman – singer and songwriter, John Martin, was born and raised in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden in the mid eighties. He received his first guitar just as he turned thirteen and duly formed his first band, playing Nirvana covers in the absence of having songs any of their own. Fast forward a few years and John found himself with recognition from The Grammys. His success was global. On arrival in the USA in February 2012, John simultaneously got a text from his manager saying “Don’t You Worry Child” was in the Top 10 on the Billboard Chart. The moment he turned on the radio in his hire car from the airport and it was the first song he heard, was when he realized things had gotten big. ‘Everything changed what seemed like overnight,’ says John, ‘When travelling around we heard it constantly on repeat for the whole month. We had never performed the track live at that stage but shortly after I found myself playing in front of 100,000 people in Stockholm over a three day period. That was a highlight.’…


Könsförrädare is like the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Impossible to pronounce but something you cannot miss out on. Coming from a small town in the northernmost part of Scandinavia Könsförrädare spent their youth playing together and came up with their sound – kind and violent with a dreamy twist. Their politically conscious and stylisticially refined lyrics makes it hard to separate pop from politics.

Könsförrädare is also a riddle, even in Swedish. Roughly translated it means ”gender betrayers”, and refers to a recent controversy in Sweden when a famous feminist politician said that women who sleep with men betray their gender. The band picked up the word Könsförrädare giving it a broadened, positive and sophisticated meaning – instead of using it as a demeaning word it is a transformational and creative possibility.¨

Könsförrädare is Janinne Sandström Oja, Måns Lundstedt, Alina Björkén och Robin Bernhardsson


Lower is a four piece band from Copenhagen consisting of Adrian Toubro (vocals), Anton Rothstein (drums), Kristian Emdal (bass) and Simon Formann (guitar). Everyone with interest in the current Copenhagen underground would recognize Lower as partakers of what has been referred to as “the new wave of Copenhagen”, a small environment of friends consisting of a lot of genre bending projects drawing on everything from punk, synth wave, rock, industrial & experimental music. However, to present Lower only in the light of this “Wave”, that they are supposedly partakers in, would not do the band justice.

Lower has so far released two 7”s, “Walk on Heads” and “Someone’s Got It in for Me/But There Has to Be More”, both on the danish label Escho and on the American labels Blind Prophet and 540. The music of Lower is difficult to describe with genre terms, where a part of their energy definitely could be categorised with punk, the emotional palette they work with far surpasses the average idea of punk music’s aggression.

With a chance of sounding dramatic, one could argue that the closed fists of punk music has been set aside for pen and paper. The energy is morose and first and foremost; well thought. Here it would make sense to debate the environment they come from, that they all are or have been involved in many different projects and crossing many different genres, thus the musical references to be found in their music is many and often one does not have a logical link from one to the other.

The sound is dramatic, but instead of being introverted and unsure, it is courageous and proud.

Team Me

Young six-piece indiepopband from Elverum, a small city in the the deep Norwegian woods, not far away from Lillehammer and Oslo. Team Me was formed in January 2010 and have since then gotten attention all over the world for their warm and rich orchestrated indie pop music. Their debut album “To The Treetops!” won the Norwegian Grammy for best Norwegian pop album in 2011, and the Independent Music Awards in 2012 for “best alternative rock album”.

Radio stations all across the world have picked up on the bands music and Team Me did spend most of 2011 and 2012 on the road, playing more than 250 shows all across the world, in cities as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Paris, Reykjavik, And festivals as Roskilde, Øya, Haldern Pop Festival, Latitude and many more.

“This fabulous sextet from Norway make Magic Numbers-like magic.” – Sunday Times

“Expect big things from Oslo’s Team Me.” – NME

Det selges festivalpass for en eller flere dager som gir adgang til alle klubbene forutsatt at det er plass i lokalet. Enkeltbilletter selges kun i døra og bare dersom det er ledig kapasitet. Festivalarmbånd har med andre ord prioritet foran enkeltbillett, og det er ingen garanti for at det i det hele tatt legges ut enkeltbilletter.

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