By:Larm er todelt med en festival og en konferansedel. Festivalen skjer på kveldstid og er åpent for publikum. Her legges det hovedsakelig vekt på presentere artister som er i angrepsposisjon, enten her hjemme eller i utlandet.

The Quietus presents:
18.00 Sumie (SE)
20.00 Tremoro Tarantura (NO)
21.00 Sea Change (NO)
22.00 Baby In Vain (DK)
23.00 Jaakko Eino Kalevi (FIN)
00.00 Beastmilk (FI)

Det selges festivalpass for en eller flere dager som gir adgang til alle klubbene forutsatt at det er plass i lokalet. Enkeltbilletter selges kun i døra og bare dersom det er ledig kapasitet. Festivalarmbånd har med andre ord prioritet foran enkeltbillett, og det er ingen garanti for at det i det hele tatt legges ut enkeltbilletter.

Mer info:


Call it humility, or call it shyness if you want. In any case, Sumie Nagano has always been wary of sharing their art with the world.

With her guitar and her voice as her only tools she started to record her self-composed material in her own home only a few years ago. This was of course a big step for Sumie, but an even greater one was making the songs available online (to the delight of her listeners).

Today, Sumie is still wary of letting us witness her creations. Those not fortunate enough to see any of her exclusive performances this fall, will have to wait until December 2013. That’s when the record label Bella Union will be releasing her self-titled debut album; an album recorded in Berlin with the help of producer Dustin O’Halloran and pianist/composer Nils Frahm.…

Tremoro Tarantura

Tremoro Tarantura is the band that was booked to Roskilde Festival in 2013 without ever having done a single gig before. British site The Quietus called their last concerts mind-numbingly good, while Bad Sounds Magazine called them a fresh breath of air for the Norwegian scene. This, as well as a performance at the Øya festival, is what the Oslo based band can add to their CV from this summer alone.

With their mix of screeching guitars, primal beats and distorted synths, the quintet presents a unique alternative to more or less everything else you’ll find at European festivals these days. After three years of recording in haunted houses, churches and hospitals, with guests from bands like Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O, Årabrot and Deathcrush, as well as airtime on both Norwegian and international radio stations, the madness is finally ready to come out of the shadows and into the light.

“After watching them live… After submitting to them live… After immersing yourself in them live… You can only really observe that they’re fucking stupendous.” –

“This is heavy, slow, poisonous rock.” –

“A magical journey into the noise rock universe.” –

“Eminent commitment and energy level.” –

“Shaking of the senses.” –

“An explosion of noise rock.” –“Tremoro Tarantura proceed to melt everyones faces over a loud and intense 4-5 song set filled with energy built around guitar riffs sounding like angry swarming bees.” –…

Sea Change

Named after the Beck album and a wish for change, the one woman band based in Berlin makes Sea Change her unique pop-project. Born with a fascination for noise and improvisational music, small acoustic instruments and synth pop.

The single Bursting was recently released and the album is expected in 2014.

Baby In Vain

Being but 17-20 years of age, the three girls have impressively fast found their own place in a genre most often dominated by middleaged men.

They play an updated 2013 version of 90s stoner rock and grunge, with heavy guitar riffs and screeching vocals, but still draws in references from sludge and heavy metal. It is filthy rock with dirty guitar riffs, complex and detail-rich compositions, ear-catching hooks, and screetching callback vocals.

Danish and international reviewers are already convinced with 5 and 6 star reviews and recommendations from Mojo Magazine’s Kieron Tyler and Intro Magazine. Having supported San Francisco cool Ty Segall and guitar icon Thurston Moore and his band Chelsea Light Moving, as well as having toured the Scandinavian summer festivals extensively, the girls continue to win new fans and impress with their raw, cool calmness and eagerness to prove themselves.

Baby In Vain currently release their songs through their own imprint Crab Salad Recording Company. In the summer/autumn 2013 they’ve released a 7? series of three, featuring two songs on each 7?.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Already something of a cult figure in Helsinki, where he lives and works part-time as a tram driver, Jaakko Eino Kalevi’s unique musical direction has led to him becoming the first ever Nordic artist to sign to the Domino Recording Co., whose Weird World imprint released his acclaimed four-song “Dreamzone” EP in December, to be followed by an album and more in 2014.

Feted by everyone from The Sunday Times and the Evening Standard to VICE, BBC Radio and NME, Jaakko’s deep-fried cosmic pop takes cues from influences as broad as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry (for his “singularity and drive”), the “softness and adultness” of Chris Rea, Finnish jazzman Jimi Tenor and the hyper-vivid fantasy worlds of the more contemporary Ariel Pink and Connan Mockasin. The result is a hugely enticing window into Jaakko’s world – a colourful, magical place where everything happens in its own time and nature and technology get along harmoniously.

Recent press highlights for Jaakko Eino Kalevi:

“It’s done the way Jaakko does things: strange and beautiful with a side order of deep-fried question mark.” – Vice “The EP revels in its whimsical, boundary-free right to roam.” – Sunday Times “We’re actually a little lost for words how beautiful this one is.” – The Fly, Track of The Day “An engagingly florid collection of DayGlo pop.” – Grazia “No End (is) a hazily beautiful duet.” – ‘Virtually Famous’ Evening Standard “A hyper-vivid voyage into a fantasy land” – Noisey “A blissed out, skittering synth giant that builds on some Chromatics-style poignance” – DIY “Jaakko Eino Kalevi is the Finnish artist most likely to endure endless comparisons to Ariel Pink this year. Jaakko’s got more funk, though, and isn’t afraid of 80s keyboard action” – Dummy…


“Elements of a gloomier Joy Division, an angrier Echo & The Bunnymen, a medicated Killing Joke and even a lush layering of Peter Murphy”

With what calls “bissel Schmutz,” Beastmilk were born of a Nuclear winter in Helsinki Finland in 2010. These void-mothers kick out an irradiated dust of what they appropriately dub “apocalyptic post-punk.”

Their debut demo “White Stains On Black Tape” sold out pretty fast and earned the attention of Darkthrone’s Fenriz, who made it one of his favorites of 2010. Metal Hammer Germany wrote that “Beastmilk sounds like the secret recording from a psychedelic mass, located stylistically between Roky Erickson, early Misfits and The Devil’s Blood.” They quickly gained the recognition of Finnish label Svart Records and inked a deal to repress the demo on wax along with their next release, both on 7″ vinyl.

“wicked . . .trippy . .dreamy . . .and pretty fucking epic” said rocknreelreviews about their follow-up 7″ “Use Your Deluge,” and called it “downer death-rock, heavily indebted to the ilks of early CHRISTIAN DEATH and similar noctambulant cobweb-mongers.”

The band played their first show with local old-school legends, and noted band influences, Nolla Nolla Nolla & Radiopuhelimet, following up with plenty of live shows both in Finland and abroad with an exclusive show at the Metal Magick festival in Denmark. In June 2013 they flew out to Boston, USA, to record at GodCity Studio with the legendary Kurt Ballou (Converge), who produced their debut full-length album. The album, entitled “Climax,” was released to critical acclaim in November 2013 on LP, CD and digital, in the EU by Svart Records and in North America by Magic Bullet Records.

Fall in with the fallout and get down with Beastmilk!

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