Linus Svensson

Welcome to the exhibition opening of Linus Svensson at The Boiler Room , Oslo.

Saturday 1 March, 14.00-17.00. The exhibition continues to 23 March 2014.

Linus Svensson (b.1983 in Perstorp, Sweden) is a recent graduate (MFA) from The Academy of Fine Arts Umeå and has already participated in acclaimed exhibitions in Malmö Konsthall, Botkyrka konsthall and Bildmuseet (Umeå). His conceptual explorations of time, perception and performativity retains an strong phenomenological approach, and takes the form of meticulous excavations of the senses though paintings, drawings and fotography as well as mixed media installations.

In spite of a rare technical talent – reminiscent of a young Gerhard Richter – Linus Svensson does not engage in the aesthetical debates of gesture and representation. He turns his eyes in stead to vision itself and to the operations of the mind that processes sensory experience.

The exhibition «Moments» consists of a series of small oil painted renditions of 19th century photographs in various stages of dissolution, barely recognisable to the eye. Along with a suite of drawings, which on close examination are revealed to be miniature diary notes, so dense and minute that they are illegible to the eye, these works become an intense study into the deepest limits of human memory. How accessible is the information in our brains really? How selective are our minds?

In addition we present a work entitled «Moments» that embodies the artistic practise of Linus Svensson, while raising important questions about the relationship between artistic value and the value of work. Having taken more than a year’s daily work to complete, the white monochrome painting actually consists of thousands of overlaid square monochromes in micrometre thin layers of all existing oil colours in production. As such, it is a monument to artistic labour.

This is Linus Svenssons debut exhibition in Norway.

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