Joining other practitioners of twisted 21st century acid house like Hieroglyphic Being and James T. Cotton, Capracara’s release 2006 release ‘Opal Rush / Flashback 86’ was heavily informed by Chicago house pioneers Adonis, Phuture, and Larry Heard and came out in 2006 via Soul Jazz. He has been keeping busy with releases and remixes on DFA, Comeme, and Unknown to the Unknown.
For the latter he has a mixtape-album coming up, and there are rumors saying there is a new Comeme EP in the pipeline as well.


After getting hooked with dance music in early 90s Berlin
he moved to Cologne in 1996, to became the youngest member of the illustrious Kompakt record store & label.
Soon, he was a constant in Cologne´s club scene and started playing clubs all over Germany.
Since then, he has been moving between Berlin, Roma, Buenos Aires, Tromsø, and now Oslo- always actively participating in underground dance culture, whether as a Dj, a party host, or a dancer.

His sets are declarations of love for classic New York and Chicago House, with detours to disco&boogie tracks, deep techno&acid monsters, and south-american rhythms.

NYKULPEN is his new club concept in Oslo where he is inviting old friends to celebrate House Music in all its dimensions.

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