Opening: Thursday 3rd April 2014 19:00-21:00
3.4.14 – 1.5.14

Magnus Berntz Eriksen is back in control with the reins in his hands as he hosts Galleri SchadenFreuden’s next exhibition ‘Private Pleasure in Public’. Returning to one of his favourite topics, Rock and Roll, the gallery has undergone a transformation now draped in red velvet with guitars that have been amplified and modified to leave a human impression.

With Rock and Roll’s lifestyles in mind, Eriksen creates an installation for the public to indulge in. For him this is really a celebration of the last 60 years of “rebel” Rock and Roll in which he looks back to it’s history. In this exhibition, we are shown Eriksen’s interpretations of the obscure sensualities and mysteries of Rock and Roll. He brings together a live performance with painting, sculpture and an installation for public use. In his work Eriksen points towards that inclination which everyone has towards Rock and Roll. Especially placing emphasis on the relationship between the rock bands and their fans. He explores the interdependent relationship where fans support keep their favourite stars alive, when the musicians push their desire to the limit and live on the edge constantly chasing death and destruction. Eriksen raises the question whether rock musicians push the limit to keep the creativity flowing or whether it is a one-way track; difficult to get off.

Once again we would like to emphasise that we welcome the public to try out the installation behind the red velvet curtain throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Eriksen, born 1986 in Norway, completed Bachelours with honours in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art and is currently based in Oslo.

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