All are welcome to co-create a new culture of Friday Nights in Oslo!!!
After a long week, we return into ourselves and celebrate together in movements.

It is not a typical class, as the space belongs to everyone of you; your presence will bring the unique color to the session and we will co-create some magics together.

This is a place for your body to be danced,
for your heart and soul to be expressed,
by intuition, inspiration, creativity, tender honesty and the awareness of Be Here Now.

Short guided facilitation is helping you to connect with your innate rhythm and transform the inspirations around into the movements. As we ground ourselves into the earth, into this moment and sharpen our senses toward the mysteries, our body becomes the motion itself and music will carry us to weave One Dance.

May you move and shine!!

DJ & Facilitation by Seshen:
Studio’s location: Kyrre Texnæs Studio, Maridalsveien 15, Vulkan (Between the parking P1 and P2)
Facebook Event Page:…

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