Americansk/Scandinavisk folkemusikk med Anna Lindblad/Ryan Drickey/Anders Löfberg och Graff/Rossebø/Austestad

Lindblad/Drickey/Löfberg represent the cutting edge of Scandinavian and American folk music. Anna Lindblad is a dynamic Swedish fiddler with a passion for finding the fun in her homeland’s music as well as in Quebecois, American and Irish fiddling. She is known for her work with the Swedish folk/pop band Lyy, as well as the Lily Mountain Band. Her forthcoming solo CD will feature Ryan Drickey, an American old-time and bluegrass fiddler who has immersed himself in Scandinavian music for the past decade, and Anders Löfberg on the cello. Anders is a consummate musician from Småland who is equally at home on the fiddle, cello, and bass. His trio Nordic has performed at major folk festivals across Europe. Anders also performs with Norwegian supergroup Majorstuen. This trio strikes a perfect balance of tradition and innovation.

Opening the show will be Graff/Rossebø/Austestad, a trio of fantastic bluegrass musicians from Oslo who play classic bluegrass music on banjo, fiddle and mandolin.

At 10 pm the show will be followed by the yearly klezmer music party!!

Entré 120 NOK

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