Ronny Faber Dahl: «Skills»

«Skills» is a one week work in process and shared studio held at Akademirommet, initiated by Ronny Faber Dahl, in collaboration with Linda K. Røed, Eirik Slyngstad, John Eirik Sandli, Eirik Rønneberg, Amelia Beavis-Harrison and Anders Smebye.

The project deals with the idea of soft materials and textiles in relation to body, wear and re-use, emphasizing the process of participation and shared knowledge around the practice of textiles structures; throughout cutting, sewing, shaping fabric and the use of simple geometric shapes.

«Skills» is inspired by episodes in which workers have come together outside factories, after work or during strikes, reusing their skills in new purposes, disclosing a potential autonomous direction.

Opening: Friday 2 May at 20.00

If interested to join Monday to Friday this week 13.00-17.00, or a specific day, send a mail to

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