Akkustisk festivalkveld på Sound of Mu

We are happy to invite you to a full acoustic evening at Sound of mu with sing and song writers and dark folk music.

Kike Tormenta (Todo o nada), spain, is well known in his home country and attending a concert there is more like a session where every body is singing. His magic melodies and deep lyrics has become public domain for the left wing scene and people join in the chorus as if they had written the songs themselfs. Kike Tormenta is strong, intense and emotional, www.masquepalabras.org / todoonada

Touch of salt, germany, is beautiful, pure and fragile but at the same time strong and earthly connected sing and song writer from the south of Germany. Music that touched your heart and makes you wonder.

Koyote, our favorite animal comes to howl and sing her amazing songs. Beautiful melodies and lyrics that makes your thoughts spin and heart laugh. http://www.ellenkoyote.com/

Redwood, raw jazzy melancholia from the forest with a voice that sounds possessed by the spirit of Amy Whinehouse

Drømmedolker is an acoustic project from Bård Tjelta. Slow and dark folk with deep melodies and lyrics that speak about life and love. http://drommedolker.bandcamp.com/

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