Oddnose festival

An excitingly odd and varied selection of bold and innovative performers and djs. Expect ice cream, pineapples and swimming, plus a chance to catch danceable oslo artschool-superstars METT. See the beautiful oslo bay area and live film-music-performance from Greg Pope. Experience heavy space-rock action from furamass and the hypnotic honey of invisible bees. Enter the tape-voice-noise continuum with Sindre Bjerga. Half Oslo – Half odden disco shamans Europ Europ will provide scandinavian organ originals and Thomas Bergsten sings fjordic blues with beefheartian ooomf! Nils Rostad from Stavanger will be playing his engaging collision of Derek Bailey-esque guitar action with the kind of outsider vibes found in the works of Ghedalia Tazartes and Conrad Schnitzler. The Moist Vaginas will make you dance or they’ll put you into a trance.

Dance the moon away to oddnose Dj’s, rumoured to balance inner ears and free the souls of two left feet.

Legg til ekstern kalender…