Consider the tree
It has so many leaves
Sometimes a wind comes
And moves them around a little

Who can say how many leaves the tree has?
Certainly not I
I’m late for work as it is

Ah, as my master once said
Perhaps if we all counted the leaves of the tree
Rather than the money in our pockets
We could all find enlightenment

But perhaps if you see deeply into the heart of the matter
And can know without knowing
And perceive without perceiving
You will find that the tree has exactly
All of the leaves

I hope that
Through this consideration of the tree
You have achieved satori

Zac Tomaszewski (b. 1987) is an American artist from Los Angeles, California. He has studied at the University of California, Berkeley and at the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, where he completed an MA in 2011 and was a member of the art-performance-sketch comedy group That Purple Stuff. Currently living and working in L.A., he nevertheless returns to Oslo whenever possible. This particular trip marks his first exhibition in Norway since leaving the academy; he has also shown at the L.A. spaces Rosamund Felsen Gallery and South of Sunset this year.

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