Demon's Mouth presents exhibition 7: Paul Segers - The Scène Changes

Paul Segers (Eindhoven Nl, 1976) is a sculptor and installation artist, often working in the public space and site specific on large scale installations. Through these works he reflects on the postmodern situation in which technology and ‘the machine’ often play the double role of both sculptural object and metaphor. References to popular culture, architecture, military apparatuses and industry are used to give the works a recognizable visual language.

In recent years his work underwent some important changes in both approach and form. The setting, a term referring to the photographic or filmic setting or stage has become more and more important. Also the ‘action’ or performance have been introduced in his line of work, sometimes taking on a more conceptual approach.

This exhibition titled ‘The Scène Changes’ shows where the ideas for these works start and are worked out, in the shape of collages. The collage as form fits the artists approach perfectly; taking bits and pieces of reality to reorganize them into a new work.These collages have reached a state of autonomy by themselves, and this is the first international exhibition that focuses on these works.

Opening: Friday, November 7th — 20:00
Open: 8/11 – 23/11, 14-18 and after appointment

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