Democracy and Desire

Her er en variant av brev-kunst. bare email-kunst.
send foto inn til denne utstillinga og få ditt foto opp på veggen i en kunstutstillinge i Madrid.

On November 23 Per Hüttner will open his exhibition “Democracy and Desire” at Vacio 9 in Madrid ( The show does not work like most other exhibitions. It will start out like a traditional photography exhibition, but during the run of the exhibition more and more texts and images will be added to the walls of the gallery. The exhibition will thus not be completed until it is over and true democratic spirit. You, the visitor to the gallery, are also encouraged to bring material that you feel is relevant to the topic to be included in the exhibition. If you cannot attend the show you can also send in info via the website.

We are now launching the website:


Life hosts an incredible complexity and when art is at its best, it allows us to see an aspect of this complexity that enable us to understand ourselves and the world that surround us. By embracing change and being 100% transparent, honest and not veering away from any obstacles on my way to realising this project I hope walking this minefield with me will allow you to discover aspect of the reality that surrounds you and how you relate to it.

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