Klubb // Atom of Ours // Opening night of Skuret!

Atoms of Ours is a new electronic concept by GOYO at Skuret.
This night is the reopening night for Skuret after a major transition in interior and content. New wicked sound system and whole bunch of new stuff. Drop by and shake your ass with us whole night.

22.00 .MGB.
23.00 Ida Sun & Snorre
00.00 Eckelmann & Pereira (live)
01.30 Arms Akimbo

Maximilian Eckelmann makes a living writing scientific computer programs in Oslo. At home, he relaxes programming electronic beats with little machines and no computers. Eckelmann delivers warm homemade techno, primitive and retro, with a touch of house and Italo disco vibes. Eckelmann only plays live jam sessions. soundcloud.com/ekelmann

Ida Sun & Snorre represents two younglings Ida and Snorre who is known for their chillout parties, happy music and their generosity. They like to create
happy sounds with a twist of dark techno.

Arms Akimbo artist name of Kenan Dzanic, resident producer, dj and booking/artistic director of GOYO: He has played several years in Oslo clubs and festivals, and plays a smooth club oriented style mixing dub, techno and funk.


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