Oslo Lux 2015


OSLO LUX 2015 takes the International Year of Light beyond the electric bulb, investigating how BIOLUMINESCENCE and PHOSPHORESCENCE can be used in art, design and architecture.

OSLO LUX further investigates the ways that our environments have been altered using light technologies and how that affects us, our FUTURE, our WELL-BEING and our PERCEPTION of space and place, and even how artworks that GENERATE their own light can sustain LIFE itself.

OSLO LUX 2015 features a range of international and national artists, designers and architects working with light and creative technologies. They will be presenting the latest trends and discoveries in this rapidly developing field.

This year`s presenters include Eduardo Kac, Little Sun (Olafur Eliasson), Koo Jeong A, Natasha Barret, Paolo Di Trapani from CoeLux® as well as Antony Evans from glowingplant.com.

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