Impro workshop with Impro Neuf International (EN)

Is improvised theatre for you? Actors have used impro for years to play their characters more naturally. But impro is bigger than theatre: public speakers learn it to be more confident, advertisers learn it to be more creative. What everyone can agree, is that it brings fun and playfulness back into their lives. Life is, after all, one big improvisation!

In Impro Neuf International’s weekly workshops, we teach beginners how to create theatrical scenes and write great stories out of thin air. We teach the basics of impro through easy games and exercises in order to improve focus, cooperation and spontaneity. We also teach acting tools such as roleplaying, timing, object work and more. Our experienced trainers teach different methods each week on a rotation.

Our members come from different countries, and many started their very first step into the fun world of impro with us. Try that bold first step and surprise yourself! No experiences necessary – all we need is a good spirit and a big laugh.

Weekly meetups are on Mondays 19:00 in the basement hall Betong. Anyone is free to drop-in without registration, but we recommend you to check our Facebook page to get up-to-date information on the workshops.

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