Trump Administration: Why we all need to take action.

We are gathering as concerned citizens (of US and Norway) to review President Trump’s first month in office. We have already seen an immigration ban, preventing federal funds from reaching international organizations promoting abortion, expidited infrastructure plans that will further damage our environment and so much more. This is just the beginning and it is only a matter of time before it starts effecting our friends and families in our new home in Norway.

We will have some speakers coming to explain the gravity of this situation and why we need to take action. Our host Michael Rawson will introduce the speakers.

We have the honor of having Lisa Cooper the Founder & CEO of the Leadership Foundation in Norway and Chairwoman of Democrats Abroad in Norway to be one of our highlighted speakers.

Leif Knutsen from Indivisible Oslo will give an introduction to the group and the great work they are doing to resist Trump.

Eirik Løkke from Civita will be providing us with his perspective on how Trump is undermining the liberal order – and liberal values. And in fact liberal democracy itself.

Renee Andersen one of the organizers from Women’s March Oslo and Progressive Americans Action League will be presenting her organizations. (more TBA)

Other speakers will be announced here…if you would like to speak please contact Dimitri Yogaratnam at

Our goal is to show people how they can fight back and give them the resources needed to speak to US politicians and demand that they fight back against these atrocities.

For US citizens, we will have postcards to fill out and send to their congressman or woman. We will have a list of addresses and names based on your voting district. Please bring stamps if you want us to mail it for you.

For everyone else who wants to take action, we will be collecting donations for the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Smelteverket will donate 10% of revenue towards the fund. This organization stands to lose it’s funding due to Trump’s recent executive order to defund international planned parenthood.

Enough is enough, we need to act!

If you can not attend, you can still participate. Donate here to support the IPPF.…

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