A Valentine's Evening

It’s all about romance. Or sharing a beautiful experience with a loved one.
So take your lover, best friend, favourite person and join us on the most romantic day of the year!

We will start you up at Torget with an appetizer and a drink and some warming up tunes by Mari Solberg Music. Once you’re ready we take you down to the longest bar in Scandinavia for the main dinner and dessert, in the form of an exciting tapas board, designed for two! Ms. Solberg will finish her set on Smelteverket’s stage to complete your experience.

Appetizer (at Torget):
Passion fruit Oysters.
Natural oysters over a little seaweed salad and a pearl of passion fruit.

Inneholder: Fisk, skalldyr, soya

Main Board (at Smelteverket):
- Confit langoustines in a thai spicy marinade. Served with crispy vegetables salad and gingered curry mayonaise.
inneholder: Egg, skalldyr, soya, løk

- Marinated Salmon “cube” lolly pops. Served on an avocado cream and wild fruits salsa.
Inneholder: Fisk, løk, hvitløk, sennep, sesamsfrø, soya

- Grilled bacon and dates bites covered with a mix of spiced cheese and a honey and lime sauce.
Inneholder: Svinekjøtt, melk, hvitløk

- Grilled beef fillets over a sweet potato gratin. Served with a mushroom,dry tomatoes relish and herb butter.
Inneholder: Melk, hvitløk, sennep

Dessert Board:
Duo of chocolate brownies, toffee sauce and cookies crumble
Inneholder: Melk, nøtter, egg

Important information:
- Every ticket corresponds to two people. No combinations or separate payments. Cost per ticket (for two people) is 599nok
- Menu is set. There are no combinations or aternative choices.
- Menu is served only with purchace of ticket before the event. No drop ins.
- For any questions, please email us at: [email protected]

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