Nordic Kadampa Festival 2017

What is the secret for leading a happy and meaningful life? At this special weekend event with visiting International Buddhist Teacher Gen-la Kelsang Jampa, we can discover how to activate our potential for lasting inner peace, joy and real mental freedom.

In the teachings known as the Kadampa Way of Life, three essential meditation practices known as the three principal aspects of the path are described. These meditations can be understood and practically applied by anyone to find genuine and lasting solutions to our daily problems of stress, anxiety, frustration and disappointment. Moreover, these three meditations reveal the full depth and scope of the Buddhist Spiritual Path to benefit both ourself and others. In this way we will become a powerful and much-needed source of wisdom, peace and joy in the world. What could be more meaningful than this?

In this, his first visit to the Nordic region, Gen-la Jampa will also grant the empowerment of the Wisdom Buddha Je Tsongkhapa, who originally composed the Three Principal Aspects of the Path. The empowerment will take the form of a deeply peaceful guided meditation through which we can connect to a powerful source of wisdom that will sustain us throughout our spiritual life.

We will also have the opportunity to take these precious teachings to heart with morning meditation sessions guided by Gen Kelsang Tubchen, the Spiritual Director of the NKT in the Nordic Region.

The festival will be taught in clear, easy to understand English.

Everyone is welcome!

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