From Statism to Freedom II

Second presentation about Statism and Freedom, coercion versus Free Will, Voluntaryism, Anarchism, Libertarianism and what we can all do right now in order to actively promote liberty.

Get a good understanding of the root problem that results in the many negative symptoms we see unfold in our world. Be it endless wars, failing financial systems, the growing gap between law and justice or gradual lost of personal liberty, the power to pull the breaks on this train to hell is in our hands.

As the road from where we are (Statism) to where we want to be (Freedom) goes through Minarchism (a political philosophy that advocates minimal governmental institutions that are limited to defense, police and courts), we have invited Liberalistene to present how liberty can be promoted right here and now, through political channels.

It’s time now to stop fighting the symptoms and strike directly at the root.

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