I samarbeid med Skeivt Studentforum: Weekend (2011)

Both Skeift Studentforum and Cinema Neuf have certainly felt it and have teamed up to screen Weekend by Andrew Haigh. The film tells the story of a chance meeting of two young men that goes further than any of them could have imagined.

Between conversations about tea cups and queer politics the film explores how intimacy and commitment can be both intimidating and liberating at the same time. It is a rich, funny, insightful slice of life rivetingly told that raises timely questions about identity, the queer scene and dating culture.

All members of the audience are invited to join our discussion after the film.

The film will be shown in English with English subtitles.

Director: Andrew Haigh
Year: 2011
Country: Great Britain
Format: Blu-ray
Length: 96 min.

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