Food (Iain Ballamy & Thomas Strønen)

Øreverk presenterer:
Food (Iain Ballamy & Thomas Strønen)
Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, Grimelundsveien 8, 0775 Oslo
Onsdag 27. september 2017 kl. 20.00 – Utsolgt!
Torsdag 28. september 2017 kl. 20.00 – Kjøp billetter!

Merk: Kun 30 billetter tilgjengelig per kveld! Eneste konserter i Norge i 2017! Konsertene tas opp for utgivelse.

Iain Ballamy – saxophones and electronics
Thomas Strønen – drums, percussion and electronics

“A magical hybrid of technology and improvisation, ambience and dance.” – Colin Buttimer, BBC Music Magazine

“…full of rich textures and colors with a unique blend of electronic and acoustic sounds.” – Ian Mann, The Jazz Man

Magical, indeed. And much more. Groundbreaking, stimulating and thought-provoking, FOOD have internationally toured since their first concert in 1998, creating their own universe of improvised and textural music of great depth and beauty.

The core of FOOD is Thomas Strønen and Iain Ballamy, who perform as a duo -or with like-minded musicians such as Christian Fennesz, Nils Petter Molvær, Eivind Aarset or Jim O’Rourke. Known for their innovative, original, always forward-thinking approach of contemporary music making, FOOD use sound, space, texture and contrast to conjure up magical atmospheres and environments which their compositions and improvisations beautifully evolve in. Playing acoustic elements including bells, blocks, gongs combined with lyrical saxophones, the music is enhanced and tempered with live sampling and drums to create a sublime, mesmerizing dramaturgy of varying moods, which can range from dreamlike minimalism to very turbulent complexity, “vibrating – as illustrious critic John Fordham (The Guardian) wrote – with irresistibly fascinating detail and visceral excitement.”

FOOD released their eighth record in total and third (with Christian Fennesz featuring on guitar & electronics) for ECM Records in November 2015. Ready to enrapture audiences all over the world.

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