Laure Briard + Cléa Vincent (FR)

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Laure has been singing since 2005, Julien Barbagallo (Tame Impala) wrote her first EP released on Tricatel in 2013. Since then, she’s released an LP in 2015 with Benjamin Glibert, Julien Gasc (Aquaserge), Eddy Crampes (on 2000 Records/Burger Records) a sweet ’60s-inspired pop album recorded in the countryside near Toulouse with a touch of laid back ’90s distorted indie rock.

Briard found herself back in the studio in 2016 where she worked hard on a new sound that would become «Sur La Piste De Danse» (Midnight Special Records/Burger Records) which translates to «On the dance¬floor». The album keeps a 60’s pop hue, adding a touch of sparkly glam that at times lyrically glances at the morose. The album’s B-side offers a sweet morning-after folk reflections, like a score to the day after spending all night at a dance party in purgatory.

Following this record, Laure has embarked on two European tours (France, Spain, Portugal), as well as several concerts in the pretigious French capital, growing her fanbase and establishing herself as an independent artist recognized by indie media and music lover in Europe and across the globe.

Just six months after Sur la piste de danse, Laure Briard headed back to the studio to end 2016 with a new EP Sorcellerie» (meaning Witchcraft) introducing a spookier garage sound and mystic psychedelic compositions doing the EP’s title justice.

From November 2016 until January 2017, Laure Briard has been sailing across the roads of Spain, Portugal, Holland and Belgium. She just arrived from her Mexican and Texas Tour with an acclaimed performance at the SXSW Festival, where she could show an style which have been presented from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean as «Psychodelic-yeyé».

After two excellent EPs («Non Mais Oui 1/2» & «Non Mais Oui 2/2») released February and October 2014 respectively, Cléa Vincent’s luminous, demystified pop brings us to her highly anticipated debut album «Retiens Mon Désir».

A pianist with a background in jazz, Cléa Vincent breathes anew the French chanson tradition mixing different colours synthetic and organic alike, producing a modern sound unique to her songwriting.

Her songs catwalk a false light-heartedness that evolve into addictive danceable tunes like in her songs «Château Perdu» or «Retiens Mon Désir».

With a spectrum of influences ranging from Michel Berger, Dick Annegarn & Ariel Pink, Cléa is challenging the codes of French pop & evolving it from a national secret to an international groove.

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