JK Flesh aka Justin K. Broadrick (UK)

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Justin K. Broadrick’s output is an intimidating one. He began, aged 15, with the recording of his first—and last—record with Napalm Death. From there he formed pioneering industrial metal group Godflesh. He also met Kevin Martin, AKA The Bug, and began experimenting with everything from dub and techno to hip-hop, breakbeat as Techno Animal. Together they produced four albums, plus a collaboration with Porter Ricks.

JK Flesh debuted in 2012 with the album ‘Posthuman’ on 3BY3, but it’s lineage can be traced right back to Kevin “K-Mart” Martin and the pair’s psychedelic industrial techno project, The Sidewinder, which was picked up by Mille Plateaux in 1996. The studio pet-name would later become his alter-ego, as Broadrick explained to Resident Advisor in a 2012 interview: " JK Flesh is the angry, hateful, disenchanted side of what I do with electronic beat-driven/bass-driven music."

There’s been the stinging ‘Worship Is The Cleansing Of The Imagination’ since, a split with Prurient, and this year’s ‘Suicide Estate’ EP on Hospital Productions. Electric Deluxe had the honour of bringing the next JK Flesh album kicking and screaming into the world – “Rise Above” was released in June 2016, and displayed an move towards a new form of sludge industrial techno. Legendary techno label Downwards, put out the ‘Nothing Is Free’ 12" single next, complete with Surgeon remix. Forthcoming releases on Hospital Productions, Downwards and Inner Surface are next to come in 2017.

“The Brummie noise legend returns. It was only a few days ago that we were treated to Justin Broadrick’s ‘Nothing Is Free’ EP, a short 12″ under the JK Flesh moniker that saw him team up with industrial techno don Surgeon. Now, Broadrick has revealed his latest full-length statement in the shape of sprawling 2LP Rise Above. The album will be released on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe imprint, and continues Broadrick’s recent excursions into the dark recesses of club music. The doomy, distorted grind of Godflesh and Jesu is certainly still present, but woven into a wheezing 4/4 template that doesn’t sound a million miles from Andy Stott’s patented “knackered house” or a Surgeon record on the wrong speed being played through a broken car stereo. Yep – it’s great.” – FACT mag


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