Dimitri & Vera: Pulling Tension - Human Scarecrows 2.0

an installation by Dimitri Lurie and Vera Mokhova

“Pulling tension” consists of two figures (mannequins), male and female, spaced 10 meters away from each other and connected by invisible threads that unable them to fall. Strips of tissue fly in the wind, creating a dynamic structure. Cans are banging against eachother making sounds that will scare the birds away. The installation is a metaphor for the intricate relationship between two sex where the mutual attraction and rejection are replaced depending on external factors affecting the human body and soul.


► Dimitri Lurie works as a visual artist with video, film and photography. He is a head of an independent artist- run company DodoFilm and is also a curator of the international artists exchange project “Cultural Transit”. Dimitri stands back dozens of various video projects, as well as short, experimental and documentary films.
► Vera Mokhova works since 2004 with costumes at NRK and various film and TV-productions in Norway. She is also responsible for costume design of many theater performances in Russia and in Norway. As an artist Mokhova participated in numerous of prestigious exhibitions and art festivals.



► For the second year, Human Scarecrows’ series of non-eventful moments will suggest performative rituals allowing a dialogue with the birds to prevent them from eating the seeds. Rather than chasing them away, we aim to engage a dialogue and distract them by any means: they will be the true spectators.
All the performances and actions will be using alternative technologies as source of power and will be activated in between sunsets and sunrises.
► Human Scarecrows 2.0 is taking place everyday at 5pm at Flatbread Society from the 9th to the 17th of June.
Scarecrows expected on site are : Dimitri Lurie & Vera Mokhova • Ethan Rafal • Kimvi Nguyen • Det Elektriske Korps • ronnie s • Daniela Müller, Maria Belic & Per Westerlund • Oslo Apiary & Aviary • Aksel Høgenhaug • WeAreWorms •
► Human Scarecrows is uncurated by vandaler forening, commissioned by Flatbread Society and made possible with the great support of Futurefarmers and PNEK.

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