Ethan Rafal: Mickey - Human Scarecrows 2.0

durational performance and social gathering by Ethan Rafal

► participatory performance and book release at 6pm
► screening at 8pm

Ethan Rafal will present the film-based project, Mickey, as a durational performance and social gathering, utilizing the unique temporal qualities of the physical media as a means to address environmental and economic destruction (as a constant feature of Capitalism), the idea of Home, and the materials that provide a sense of rootedness —matter, and time.

Mickey began as an explosive, 35mm silver-nitrate film (circa 1918) found in an abandoned underground cinema in the New Mexico high-desert on the site of a mine. A Western, Mickey is a classic tale of home, and a life in the West destroyed by invisible, merciless hands of greed, Capital. As a Western, the film is unique in its depiction of the high Gilded Age, New York, the 1% banking class. Providing distance from contemporary neoliberalism, the film provides a mechanism to consider enduring desires for home, rootedness, and the precarious interrelationships wrought through Capitalism.



Ethan Rafal is an artist and photographer based in San Francisco. His work deals with the individual and collective experience of violence, and the ways in which subsequent representations of violence inform personal and national mythologies. Photography is an essential ingredient in his practice, due to the unique relationship between image and violence, but his work employs performance, installation, video, new-media, and social-practice methodologies. He teaches, mentors, helps run an art space, collaborates with Art For a Democratic Society in the Bay Area, and has recently started an imprint to publish so-called ‘difficult’ work. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he has been based since 2007.



► For the second year, Human Scarecrows’ series of non-eventful moments will suggest performative rituals allowing a dialogue with the birds to prevent them from eating the seeds. Rather than chasing them away, we aim to engage a dialogue and distract them by any means: they will be the true spectators.
All the performances and actions will be using alternative technologies as source of power and will be activated in between sunsets and sunrises.
► Human Scarecrows 2.0 is taking place everyday at 5pm at Flatbread Society from the 9th to the 17th of June.
Scarecrows expected on site are : Dimitri Lurie & Vera Mokhova • Ethan Rafal • Kimvi Nguyen • Det Elektriske Korps • ronnie s • Daniela Müller, Maria Belic & Per Westerlund • Oslo Apiary & Aviary • Aksel Høgenhaug • WeAreWorms •
► Human Scarecrows is uncurated by vandaler forening, commissioned by Flatbread Society and made possible with the great support of Futurefarmers and PNEK.

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