Slow walk - Human Scarecrows 2.0

from Lille-Tøyen to Losæter

► Meeting at 2 pm

► Yoga session around 2:30 pm

► Followed by a light lunch

► Please bring some food to share with others

► Departure around 3pm

► Slow walk across Tøyen, Grønland and Gamle Byen to finally arrive at Losæter (Flatbread Society).

► Arrival around 5pm on site, officially marking the opening of “The Pulling Tension” by Dimitri Lurie and Vera Mokhova followed with a participatory performance and screening by Ethan Rafal.



The rules of «our» slow walk are simple: we will walk silently and slowly, each of us holding an element that will later be displaced or used in Human Scarecrows series of projects. This march is symbolizing a hope for change in urban planning with issues that are at the core of this project: environment, public space, urban animal life and social interactions.



► For the second year, Human Scarecrows’ series of non-eventful moments will suggest performative rituals allowing a dialogue with the birds to prevent them from eating the seeds. Rather than chasing them away, we aim to engage a dialogue and distract them by any means: they will be the true spectators.
All the performances and actions will be using alternative technologies as source of power and will be activated in between sunsets and sunrises.
► Human Scarecrows 2.0 is taking place everyday at 5pm at Flatbread Society from the 9th to the 17th of June.
Scarecrows expected on site are : Dimitri Lurie & Vera Mokhova • Ethan Rafal • Kimvi Nguyen • Det Elektriske Korps • ronnie s • Daniela Müller, Maria Belic & Per Westerlund • Oslo Apiary & Aviary • Aksel Høgenhaug • WeAreWorms •
► Human Scarecrows is uncurated by vandaler forening, commissioned by Flatbread Society and made possible with the great support of Futurefarmers and PNEK.

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