Daniela, Maria & Per: Opasne Krivine - Human Scarecrows 2.0

a performance by Daniela Müller, Maria Belic & Per Westerlund

By day, a group of three were shadow boxing alongside one another, following certain patterns of the field. They discovered the area and carefully showed the birds various boxing training steps they had learned from their teacher on YouTube.

(Yes! Yes! Yes!)

Defining training goals to achieve was decided without hesitation and with full compassion. As the sun, would set, the boxing group would share with the plants and the birds and the seeds what they had learned. They decided on a technique they named “sit and think” or “walk and wonder”. The format was used for reflection, as they would often sit down and start writing short paragraphs as preparation for night time speeches.

Then as the morning came: Three rounds. Lasting and hour each.


► Daniela Müller studied Media Arts at the Zurich University of the Arts and Fine Arts at the Academy of the Arts in Oslo, Norway and completed her MA degree in Fine Arts 2013 at the Zurich University of the Arts. From 2012-15 she curated the off-space gallery “One Night Only Zurich”. In her work she engages with extraneous material: found footage, commercial signs, leaked pictures, spam mails, family stories, prophecies. The works range from video to sound to text to objects. She copies, steals, selects, loops, multiplies or mashes up – a method to explore the “other” and the “own”.
► Maria Gordana Belić received her BA degree in Fine Arts at KHIO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway and completed her MA degree in Fine Arts 2015 at Valand Academy of Gothenburg, Sweden. The structure of her practice is based on inter-biographical stories, meetings or events. These then become like magnetic mantras where companions, nervous technique or collaborations modify the narrative. Things are repeated, looped and multiplied through various formats. She is fascinated with structures around support, what it means to struggle with personal problems in public and objects in transaction.
► Working with animation Per Westerlund is making images depicting sensational bliss using Windows Paint. Often animated, the images present realistic scenes through a medium associated with naivism. Also wishing to find abodes for expressions in the sphere of human relations he has initiated actions in public space. He is currently producing free time for an unknown worker through the web based project produktionavfritid.com. Previous acts include an ice chopping action and a choreographed dance in central Oslo. He graduated from Oslo Academy of Fine Art in 2013.


► For the second year, Human Scarecrows’ series of non-eventful moments will suggest performative rituals allowing a dialogue with the birds to prevent them from eating the seeds. Rather than chasing them away, we aim to engage a dialogue and distract them by any means: they will be the true spectators.
All the performances and actions will be using alternative technologies as source of power and will be activated in between sunsets and sunrises.
► Human Scarecrows 2.0 is taking place everyday at 5pm at Flatbread Society from the 9th to the 16th of June.
Scarecrows expected on site are : Dimitri Lurie & Vera Mokhova • Ethan Rafal • Kimvi Nguyen • Det Elektriske Korps • ronnie s • Daniela Müller, Maria Belic & Per Westerlund • Oslo Apiary & Aviary • Aksel Høgenhaug • WeAreWorms •
► Human Scarecrows is uncurated by vandaler forening, commissioned by Flatbread Society and made possible with the great support of Futurefarmers and PNEK.

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