Det Norske Blåseensemble med musikk av Aleksander Waaktaar og Audun Aschim Steffensen

Det Norske Blåseensemble
Helge Sunde (dirigent)
Hanna Rabe (harpe)
Audun Aschim Steffensen (gitar)
Odille Heftye Blehr (koreografi)

Aleksander Waaktaar: 5 pieces
Audun Aschim Steffensen: Ālaya-vijñāna

Aleksander Waaktaar skriver musikk inspirert av moderne jazz og den klassiske musikktradisjonen. Uttrykket har ofte et dystert, urolig preg, men søker samtidig etter det vakre og nære.

Ālaya-vijñāna (Audun Aschim Steffensen):

“Ālaya-vijñāna” is a music drama about suppression. The term is sanskrit and can be translated as “storehouse consciousness”. It’s a metaphor for the house you go on throwing into the basement all the things you want to do or express, but cannot because of social conditions, culture, civilization etc. The piece paints a picture of the dynamic between the suppressed energy within the individual, and the society which is dependent on suppression to be functional.

Ālaya-vijñāna has also a different meaning; In Buddhism, it says that the universe consists of an infinite number of possible ideas that lies inactive in storage. The last movement is inspired by this view, and paints a more open exploration of the musical material."

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