A concert by Sofia Jannok

OCA has the great pleasure of inviting you to a summer concert with renowned artist, singer and Sami activist Sofia Jannok. This event is a constitutive part of OCA’s ‘Museums on Fire!’, a symposium presented in Oslo with a number of actions and interventions by artists, and subsequently in Kárášjohka. In Oslo, the immersive scenography specially commissioned to artist Anders Sunna, which is still on view until 25 June, has surrounded the discussions around the entanglement of art institutions within the colonial and modernist ideologies that created them with invited artists, curators, and academics of indigenous and non-indigenous descent considering spaces and processes through which indigenous artistic practices, past and present, should be addressed today.

What would a non-colonial museum look, feel and sound like? Is it enough to widen the modernist art historical canon through the politics of inclusion? And is the museum per se an obsolete model for indigenous practices? Should novel constellations of thought and practice be sought to affirm and mediate the indigenous discourses of the future?

Through her words, melodies, activism, and existence, Jannok pushes for decolonisation. An occasional collaborator of Anders Sunna, Sofia Jannok, who has established herself as one of Sápmi’s biggest artists by revitalising traditional music based on yoik and a combination of pop, electronica and jazz will play together with musicians Anton Toorell and Kristofer Eriksson.

About Sofia Jannok
Sofia Jannok (b.1982) is an artist, singer, songwriter, actress and radio host born and raised in Sápmi. She takes inspiration from folk music, pop, jazz and yoik, and sings mostly in Northern Sami, but also in Swedish and English. With a dynamic and atmospheric sound, Jannok reveals the struggle of the Indigenous people for acceptance and equal rights. In her own words, ‘Music has no borders; it brings us together. I want to see a world where everyone has the same rightful place regardless if you are indigenous, immigrant, woman or man.’ Her latest album, ORDA – This is my land (2016), was received to great critical acclaim, and her music video We Are Still Here created in collaboration with Anders Sunna, was voted Best Music Video at ImagineNATIVE film festival in Toronto, Canada, in 2016. Jannok was Grammy-nominated in Sweden both in 2010 and 2014. She was voted ‘Artist of the Year 2014’ at the World Music Award in Sweden, and in 2015 she was the recipient of the Nils Aslak Valkepää Music Prize. She was also acting in the popular French/Swedish TV series ‘Midnight Sun’ set in the town of Kiruna.

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