Manifexpo — The Entrepreneurial Outcomes

The average artist’s yearly earnings from art practice is estimated at less than $10,000 US dollars. In the wake of widespread public defunding of the arts, there is mounting pressure on artists and galleries to “innovate or die”. Emerging from this crisis is the seductive but problematic image of the Artist Entrepreneur, a creative entropic force, leveraging the tools of startup culture and capital to self-disrupt and innovate new models of artistic production. Should artists embrace, subvert or actively resist this new identity? What does it risk?

Participants in The Artist Entrepreneur residency have received mentorship from Jeremy Bailey, startup leaders and art world heroes designed to empower and teach participating artists how to use the tools of silicon valley to subvert an increasingly dominant and transgressive startup culture now threatening actual arts culture for funding in the wake of broad defunding across Europe. This group of revolutionaries have delved into capitalism, post-capitalism and (im)plausible utopias on their road to collectively defining inspiring speculative manifestos for a better tomorrow. Join us for ‘Manifexpo’, a one night only presentation of the futures we all need!

The participants are: Jeremy Bailey (CA), Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana (US), Esra Duzen Sandemose (TR), Nicholas John Jones (UK), Kirsty Kross (AU), Magnus Myrtveit (NO), Shameer Nyland Kinniya (NO), Ruben Steinum (NO), Charlotte Teyler (NO) and Tough Guy Mountain (CA).

The event is part of ‘The Artist Entrepreneur’ residency developed by PRAKSIS with Bailey, UKS and The Moving Museum which, over a month is probing the growing tendency within many arms of the ‘culture industry’ to require artists to adopt entrepreneurial approaches.

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