Sankthans med Goth Bomb på Goon Bar!

Celebrate midsummer with the goth club that refuses to take itself seriously! Androgynous Tennis Goth and Dr. Batface are back in June with a few special surprises up their sleeves (or wings in the case of the good doctor). We know you’d probably rather be lighting things on fire in the great outdoors, but once that bonfire (or stavchurch) is reduced to ember, make your way over to us for another night of lunacy with DJs eveghost (Scarlet’s Remains, Christ vs. Warhol, Club Strategy), Megasuperbabe and Natalienated slinging out all of the darkety doomy deathrock, postpunk, coldwave and darkwave goodies and the occasional guilty pleasure thrown in for good measure!
No cover charge! No shame! No pride! But best of all: No pretention!


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