August 4, 2017,
Bjørvika Baksthus, Losæter
Exhbition open from 15:00 – 20:00
Talks from 17:00-20:00

Northern Bumbling is a joint Nordic art, design, and research network with artists from Iceland, Sweden and Norway. Using the Bjørvika Bakehouse and the surrounding grain field at Losæter as a model for a shared multi-species space, the participants will discuss the functionality of insects and pests in the fields of art, design and societal health.

The event is in English and participation is free of charge. Welcome!

Marius Presterud (Norway) will present functional art pieces used in his practice Oslo Apiary & Aviary, and reflect upon this year’s breeding program of a plastic eating night butterfly larvae at Kunstnernes Hus.

Thomas Pausz (Iceland) is creating new ritualistic artefacts to interact with nature beyond utilitarianism, and will be presenting his Planets water can.

Erik Sjödin (Sweden) will present ‘The Political Beekeeper’s Library’, an effort to collect, organise, and activate books where parallels are drawn between how bees and humans are socially and politically organised.

The network focuses on humans precarious relationships with other species, in particular in the Nordic region. Through the combined efforts of the participants art, research, and design practices, the network wishes to explicate current states of affairs, and explore ways of multi-species living in cold climates, for futures that alternates from the bumbling present.

The Northern Bumbling network, and the individual work of the participants in the project, is supported by Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, Office of Contemporary Art Norway, the Art Council Norway and the Swedish-Icelandic Co-operation Fund.

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