Flatbread Society Full Moon Gathering: Fire and Clay

Flatbread Society is a project initiated and rooted in Oslo by the international artist collective Futurefarmers as a public art programme for Bjørvika. The project is commissioned and produced by Bjørvika Utvikling in collaboration with the artists. For 2017 the groups who regularly activate Losæter have been invited to host the Flatbread Society Full Moon Gatherings.

Artist and researcher Erik Sjödin along with artist and craftist Linus Ersson will hosting the fifth Full Moon Gathering at Losæter in Oslo, on Nov 4., 2017. For the occasion Erik Sjödin and Linus Ersson will cook and serve soup from vegetables harvested at Losæter. Using both ancient and recent techniques, materials, and methods the artists will explore connections between fire, pottery, agriculture, and cooking.

The soup will be cooked on a mobile wood fired rocket stove kitchen which is part of “We Still Carry the Fire”, a project in which Erik Sjödin explores various human relationships to fire by creating opportunities for social interaction and cooking using fire.

The soup will be served in clay bowls produced by Linus Ersson especially for the Full Moon Gathering at Losæter. Ersson has imagined how the first prehistoric clay bowls may have looked like, how they were made and why. Research tells us that their bottoms were rounded to avoid cracking while fired. If we want to be able to put our hot bowls aside we will have to do like they did back then: Go outside and squeeze them into the ground. The bowls will be left as a contribution to the Losæter commons.

Upcoming Full Moon Gatherings:

4 nov – Erik Sjödin and Linus Ersson

Previous Full Moon Gatherings:

11 February – Oslo Apiary & Aviary

9 June – Vandaler Forening

7 Aug – Andreas Ervik

5 Oct – Food Studio

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