Disfear // Mørkt Kapittel //Forræderi - på Blitz 23. februar 2018

DISFEAR needs no introduction, but for those of you that do not know them, then it’s your day of luck…. From Sweden, they formed in the early 1990’s, a few changes of line-up over the years, and 4 albums under their sleeves (and quite a lot of EPs). They are playing D-beat/crust, but all of them have played (and still) are playing in quite a good amount of classic Swedish metal bands…like Entombed, Nihilist, Morbid, At The Gates, Edge Of Sanity, Marduk, Age Of Woe….and really many more, but I guess you get the idea.
Let’s start by the old stuff..

and here is one song from their last album..

MØRKT KAPITTEL is a d-beat/crust band from Trondheim, dark and melodic crust you will get…They just released a new album in February and the reviews have been very positives so far :)

FORRÆDERI is a crust/grind band from Trondheim/Oslo, formed in 2007…curst/grind is not enough as there’s a good dose of metal/BM in there.

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