Feeling trapped by unhealthy habits & limiting thinking?

What is our potential as human beings?

Is it possible to change who we are, and to positively influence others?

Without a clear vision of what is possible, it is difficult to direct our energies so as to make the most of our life and be of the greatest benefit to others. It is becoming increasingly clear that such a lack of vision has devastating consequences – not only for ourselves, but for our entire world. Buddha’s teachings on the nature of the mind give us the confidence to change and meditation gives us the practical methods to bring this change about.Gen Kelsang Tubchen will present an inspiring vision of our potential, based on Buddha’s teachings. She will guide us in simple yet effective meditations that we can use in our own daily lives, gradually bringing our vision into reality. Through using these timeless methods, we can empower ourselves and learn to enjoy truly satisfying and meaningful lives.

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