Oslo Black Shackle Support Consert!

Oslo Black Shackle is a stageworkers syndicalist union based in Oslo, who works for better conditions for workers in the stageworker/music-industry/freelance-business. Being a freelancer or a worker without contract leaves people in a vulnerable situation if injured and unable to work.

A “solidarity fund” has been created as a solution to help workers economical situation in times of injuries or other situations when not able to work.

In times with more and more precarious work and less and less security and workers rights there is a need to organize!!

This night we put together an international mix of music and artists to support the fund and the fight!!

There will be conserts with DJ Brozer (France), Digital Warefare (Serbia), plus Dromedar (Oslo) and Øgli Grrlz DJ Kru (Oslo).

We start at 20:00 with info/lecture about Oslo Black Shackle

For any further information do not hesitate to contact us on:

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