Full Moon Gathering: Death Café w. Oslo Apiary & Aviary

DEATH CAFÉ w. Oslo Apiary & Aviary

One of the basic demands that underlie contemporary society is to be happy and fulfilled. "Today, (…), we are bombarded from all sides by different versions of the superego injunction “Enjoy!”, from the direct enjoyment of sexual performance to enjoyment of professional achievement or spiritual awakening,"(1)

If you do not meet todays demand to enjoy, you will be judged by it. Happiness has become the individuals responsibility and depend on your own decision, thus not something that depends on circumstances. “Modern culture has yet not known what to do with grief”(2). Instead we deal in life-prolonging creams and injections, worshipping virility on the cost of experience and development, and in general distractions that keep unpleasant experiences at bay and our negative affect tolerance, low.

Behind the idea that emotional pain has to be eliminated, lies the assumption that it has only negative and no positive aspects. However, by developmental theories, emotional pain is the core mechanism driving the development of social skills, establishing and securing inter human attachment. The threat of loss forms an underlying premiss to our whole sociality.

Since there has been few ways to commodify personal loss, defeat and sorrow (outside the funeral parlor business and the odd East-European euthanasia clinic), the topic of death is a very much neglected discourse in Western Society. Perhaps because of this, Death Cafés have enjoyed immense popularity whenever they have been organized previously in Europes capital cities.(3)

Join us January 31th, for coffee and biscuits and an open group talk about death.

(Human) Extinction will serve as the evenings sub-topic.
That is, not how to avoid it, but the coming human extinction through ecological collapse as suggested fact. What would this death entail? How was our run? What comes after? Are we technically zombies? What does it mean to live in a post-sustainable moment? How does this ongoing near-death experience affect and transmute our every day lives?

Oslo Apiary & Aviary ❂╮

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(2) Morton, T., 2007:185, Thinking Ecology: The Mesh, The Strange Stranger, and the Beautiful Soul
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