OPEN CALL for Pluss Pluss Deadline 10. March

OPEN CALL for Pluss Pluss 8. May 2018

DEADLINE: 10. March

curated by Hanan Benammar

RADICAL HOSPITALITY; or an experimental and performative platform for modes, methods and forms of social connections, belonging and being together in a time when fences and walls are being erected at our borders, when hospitality is declared to be a «crime» and punishable by law in some European countries and while millions are seeking refuge.

«We only ever speak one language – and, since it returns to the other, it exists asymmetrically, always for the other, from the other, kept by the other. Coming from the other, remaining with the other, and returning to the other.» J. Derrida

Inspired by this quote, you are invited to submit a project that challenge the premises of hospitality, current politics, welcoming gestures and all the imaginable relationships between host and guest. You are very welcome to put the space at risk, challenge the audience and the organisers.

You can apply as a group or as an individual. It is preferable that you are in Oslo prior and during the event in order to install/perform/collect your piece. International artists are welcome to apply with small scale projects (one or 2 persons travelling, travel covered up to 300€ max per person). In addition, Pluss Pluss will cover accommodation. There will be a small fee for all selected participants.

Send only the project proposal with all technical details, no CV and no portfolio.
Send your proposal to: vandaler.forening(a)
Mark the subject with «PLUSS PLUSS PROPOSAL»
Answers to open call will be sent the 25th of March.

About Pluss Pluss, established in 2011, means nothing less than Black Box Teater plus plus: an extension of the field of performing arts that the house already contains.
Pluss Pluss is a multidisciplinary platform, inviting both emerging and established artists, and a meeting point where audience and artists can be inspired by each other. Pluss Pluss is definitely unpredictable and surprising.

Concentrated on one evening every season, ++ is curated by a guest artist – Hanan Benammar for this edition – who has carte blanche to shake the format and the contents, while respecting three simple rules: have an open call for projects and proposals so that everyone is invited to contribute / compose a program crossing visual arts and performing arts / invite emerging artists.

The Open Call for Radical Hospitality is open to artists and cultural workers of all fields and disciplines, without any restrictions of forms and formats.

Thus, we are looking forward to facilitate concerts, performances, screenings, installations, spoken words and all gestures that can be imagined.

The different works will be curated in all available spaces and corners of Black Box, overlapping in time.

For any inquiries, you are welcome to contact vandaler.forening(a)

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