Shit & Shine + USA/Mexico (TX)

SHIT & SHINE’s sidestep from percussion led bunny rabbit rock ensemble performance based glee to ultimate heavy fools of the sticky dancefloor remains one of the more inspiring turn arounds in recent years. With highly acclaimed releases on Editions Mego, Diagonal, Riot Season and others, Shit & Shine have wasted no time clearing away the rubbish whilst cutting up their own path towards giddy bass heavy shape shifting dance mutations. Snapping the twigs of disco, hurling clouds of exquisite dissonance, mangling modulations, boiling beats, twisting tweaks.

The long-awaited/rumored/feared debut recordings from Austin, TX trio USA/MEXICO are finally upon us. Guitarist Craig Clouse (Shit & Shine, Todd), drummer King Coffey (Butthole Surfers, Rubble, Hugh Beaumont Experience) and bassist Nate Cross (Marriage, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, Expensive Shit) have somehow created a musical landscape that exceeds present day reality for absurdity and nightmarishness. There’s faint (oh ok, try “loud”) echoes of their past works but their combined forces have resulted in an album as bludgeoning and all-encompassing as any that’s occupied shelf space in my home or yours. The album is called LAREDO and is relased by 12XU (US) and Riot Season (UK).

USA/MEXICO are now ready to play their first ever concert outside of Texas, at Kafé Hærverk in Oslo!

Listen to the album:


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