Kunstplass is pleased to present the exhibition “My Zeitgeist Hurts” by Siri Hjorth and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas.
OPENING FRIDAY 9th MARCH at 19.00 – 21.00 HRS – PERFORMANCES 19.15-19.45
9 MARCH – 8 APRIL 2018 (closed during Easter)

Zeitgeist: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era. From German zeit, time, and geist, ghost, most commonly understood as the "spirit of the age”. Or Zeitgeist: That undefinable numb pain inside that comes from scrolling and thinking about the internet and politics and stuff. You know, whatever scrambled contemporary topic you like. Not knowing if there’s anything more to say but still feeling feelings all the time, joking about it but being a bit distressed about joking about it. Zeitgeist: what you make fun of so you can relax for a while. Just kidding, its all good. We’re good: Zeitgeist.

SIRI Hjorth and SEBASTIAN Makonnen Kjølaas are two well established artists from Norway who have worked together on a series of collaborative projects. They will participate in the exhibition “Machines à penser”, curated by Dieter Roelstraete, at Prada Fondazione, Ca’ Corner della Regina, Venice, Italy, in May to November 2018. In August they will unveil the world’s largest monument to the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein by his cabin in Skjolden, in collaboration with Marianne Bredesen, The Fritt Ord Foundation and KORO (URO). In November they will showcase their film installation “Pathos and Potatoes” with support from the DNB Foundation and Norwegian Art Societies, followed by two intertwined solo exhibitions at Sandefjord Art Societies in December 2018.

Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas (born 1985) is a Norwegian artist. He has a MA degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2007-12). In 2015, while participating in the National Art Exhibition, Kjølaas won the Norwegian Art Society’s debutant price for his works I’m So Oily / A Puzzle Building Muscle, Cyber-fun in the Algorithm Gravy / Powerhouse on the Rooftop and It’s Mega-personal / Training to Become a Train.

Siri Hjorth (born 1986) is a Norwegian artist. She has a BA degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2010-14). Her latest works include the costume production for the cross-disciplinary theater production From butter to margarine, a part of the contemporary art programme Munchmuseet on the Move, at Whitelight Theatre F and 1857 in 2017.

Hjorth and Kjølaas co-founded two artist run galleries in Oslo during the period 2009-13, GAGO (Galleri Godteri) and SALT.

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