Frædag: Optimo + Kong Sverre Live + residents djs

Optimo (Optimo Music, UK) | Kong Sverre (Live, NO) | G-Ha & Olanskii – Jaeger/Sunkissed/Oslo | R.L.O.C

This Friday we get a visit from the legendary UK duo Optimo and Norwegian troubadour Kong Sverre. Frædag is Jæger’s window to the world. A club night, that brings some of the biggest and in this case infamous international and local DJs and live acts to a small capacity venue in the heart of Oslo. A place where we dance with reckless abandon to some of the most cutting edge music over two immense Funktion One sound systems, brought to you by DJ sets from G-Ha & Olanskii in our basement and Ricky Late, Oskar Pask, Olefonken and Celius, tripping the light through Acid, House, Tech and Electro.

Optimo is the Scottish DJ duo Twitch and Jonnie Wilkes, who have been serving up mind-expanding mixes between the three bastions of electronic music, House, Techno and Electro since 1997. In 1997 they founded the club night Optimo as a reaction to 4/4 techno all night long. Anything goes was the philosophy and the club night proved to be a hit. “I didn’t care whether it would work or not, or whether anyone would go, it was just something I had to do,” says Twitch. “I love DJing with all my heart but at this point I was so bored with seamless mixing – it was all just too obvious, too predictable and too easy – that I had to do something to preserve my (in)sanity.”

Don’t expect easy club hits at a night with Optimo, depending on the duo’s mood, the sound will veer from sleazy funk to post punk, electro, 50’s swing and anything in between. According to their bio, “Serious DJs would come and watch in horror while several times, seasoned trainspotters would come up to Twitch and tell him ’You’ve lost the plot’ or ‘You can’t play this in the Sub Club – it’s sacrielige!’ or ‘But… you started Pure, how can you do this?’. People would get really angry about it which of course only fuelled the flames!” These days Optimo is taking the sound to the world with dates across Europe, America and Japan, while putting together music for Optimo records.

On the other end of the evening Kong Sverre, brings his enigmatic live show to our basement with his usual unassuming intrigue. The beatservice artist has been carving out his idiosyncratic sound, with a falsetto, an acoustic guitar , drum machines and synthesisers since the early 00’s and has inspired people from Gundelach to Hubbabubbaklubb with his Norwegian synth-folk charm.

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