Digital Playgrounds: The Art of Augmented Reality

White walls with empty white frames. A still, serene, and curious installment to walk into.

However, when seen through one of the handheld devices below, blossom into color and vibrancy that you never would have expected – but lower your hands, and it’s back to boring.

In this project, art is not a passive experience – by viewing the blank gallery walls through the provided handheld devices, you are given a first-hand experience to the playgrounds 10 local artists have created just for you.

Blank Space’s newest exhibition is an introduction, for both audiences and artists alike, to what augmented reality is, and asks: Where are we going from here?

David Stenmarck
Simon Nyhus
Martin Mauseth Hvattum
Natalie Foss
Inna Hansen
Cecilie Barstad
Samra Avdagić
Bjørnar Frøyse
Georg Aleksander Sletsjøe

New Media Designer: Rosa Hernandez
Developer: Tommy Svensson…

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