Inner Detox - Spring Clean Your Mind (Free Public Talk)

INNER DETOX – Sprng Clean Your Mind | Free Public Talk with Buddhist nun Gen Kelsang Tubchen

Welcome to this introduction to our upcoming series of Thursday classes starting from the 12th of April.

On this public talk you will learn to identify many toxic states of mind that causes pain and problems for both ourself and others. In fact, these mental poisons are the source of all our daily problems. With the practical methods and techniques taught here you will be able to reduce and ultimately eliminate them altogether.

This free introduction will be followed by a 6 week course where we will have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of this teachings.

Gen Tubchen is a Buddhist nun and the National Spiritual Director of the New Kadampa Tradition for the Nordic Region. She has 20 years experience of meditation practice and has studied, engaged in and guided many retreats.

You can read more or book the whole course on the following link

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