The Annual Movement pres; Peter Ratkay & Thomas Skjærstad + Willy Mathisen

The Annual Movement

2017 was a hectic year for our resident Thomas Skjærstad, representing Norway in the global DJ contest Burn Residency, playing venues around the world and releasing productions onto respected labels. For 2018 Thomas returns to Elefant with his new concept The Annual Movement. The movement is all about introducing new interesting artists and talents that Thomas has either shared booth or crossed roads with and to bring them back to our little Elefant. The Movement will serve a wide spectre of sounds within electronic music from around the globe!

For the first Annual Movement we invite the winner of Burn Residency Sweden Peter Ratkay

Peter Ratkay (SE)

With years of experience and knowledge from playing multiple genres this DJ knows how to entertain the crowd and create interesting sets.

When DJ’ing he tells a personal story of different emotional states, from melodic ethereal sounds that starts a magical journey to hard hypnotic techno that keeps the crowd raving all night long.

He does not use prepared set lists, instead Peter brings a large library with carefully selected tunes which makes every set unique. This in combination with being versatile in genres has made him grow into a very technical skill set that not many new DJ’s have.

Thomas Skjærastad :…
Willy Mathisen :

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