Natt til 17 mai // Untzdag med HUNEE (Rush Hour) Øyvind Morken (Mysticisms / L.I.E.S.) ++

Hunee (Rush Hour)
Øyvind Morken (Mysticisms / L.I.E.S.)

Mischa Mathys (The Format)
DJ Hamburger (Mutual Intentions)

Hunee returns to Jæger on Øyvind Morken’s Untzdag ticket. The Rush Hour DJ phenomenon, is constantly in transit between clubs, festivals and record stores, but with persuasion and patience we’ve been able to secure a spot on his touring schedule on the eve of the 17th of May. Hunee is a chameleon in the booth, able to adapt to any situation or sound, and in that he’s found a kindred spirit in Øyvind Morken and our weekly Untzdag residency. Øyvind lays the groundwork for Hunee in our basement while DJ Hamburger and Mischa Mathys offer a counterpoint to the night in our late night courtyard.

Every DJ would like to think themselves a real musical connoisseur, but Hunee really is – it’s not him that says so, but pretty much anyone else whenever the man born Hun Choi pops up in conversation. His DJ sets have of course taken him all over the world from Aus to Asia, America to Europe, but they take listeners much further. As likely to draw for a classic house record as he is a disco curveball, a boogie delight or mixing an African bomb into a techno record, each selection he makes is a thing of true passion – you can see it not only in his eyes, but so too in the eyes of those dancing along.

Reporting that he feels blessed every time he gets to play music for people, Hunee’s sole goal is to enrich the lives of listeners as much as possible. His own productions have always managed to do that, too. So far they have proven to be hugely considered and cultured things that have arrived on labels like Rush Hour, Future Times and W.T. Each one is different but each one has a certain kinked funk, true sense of soul or loveable house heritage that puts them up there with the best of the rest.

Untzdag has been institution on Oslo’s nightlife since it’s inception with Øyvind Morken selecting the best there is to offer from the world, of Balearic, Afro, Disco, House, Electro and Techno. The mysticisms and L.I.E.S. affiliate and Moonlighting boss is the DJs DJ with a unique talent for reading an audience and finding that rare gem other DJs might be too hesitant to play and always on point with his bookings like this one on the eve of 17th of May.

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